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How Being An Ethical Translation Company Is Good Business In Every Sense

How Being An Ethical Translation Company Is Good Business In Every Sense 2

In our ethical translation company, we take workplace health, safety and well-being very seriously because it is a cornerstone of being an ethical company.
And we have done this every day since our translation company was first founded in 2007. In fact, the financial, mental and social health and safety of our in-house and freelance partners is a top priority.
So how do we do this? Read on…

The Well-Kept Secret to Buying Cheap Translation Services #LikeABoss

Cheapest Translation Services

Want to discover the well-kept secret to buying cheap translation services #LikeABoss? Read on! Endless companies seemingly all offer the same… Just ask Google or Alexa, “What is the cheapest translation service?” And you’ll see (or hear) the results for yourself: From €0.03 per word. Cheap translation services.  Quality guaranteed. The quickest in the world. …

The Well-Kept Secret to Buying Cheap Translation Services #LikeABoss Read More »

What Is The Difference Between A Language And A Dialect?

traductores español inglés

As translators, we receive translation and localization projects in lots of different languages: Spanish, British English, American English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Croatian….and the list goes on.
However, sometimes when out services are requested, our customers confuse the concepts of language and dialect. So this week’s post is devoted entirely to examining the differences between language and dialect.

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