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Acantho Plays A Part In Planting Trees

Acantho Plays A Part In Planting Trees 2

On the occasion of celebrating the 18th Anniversary of Zaragoza Convention Bureau, Acantho Ideas & Cultures has decided to play a part by planting a wood called “Bosque Zaragoza Congresos“, in collaboration with the Fundación Ciudadano Verde.

The planting of the Wood was undertaken last December, coinciding with a Conference of Zaragoza Convention Bureau.

wood planting

Our colleague, Carlos Marco, was who carried out the planting of our tree next to the Palacio de Congresos of Zaragoza, helping thus create an autochthonous wood in remembrance of this anniversary, like a business legacy for good practices, environmental responsibility and participation by establishing new woods in the city.

Of course, we have these good practices and environmental responsibility in mind on our daily work, as our translators do their translations, except for the sworn translations, without printing any page at all, and we try whenever possible to deal with invoices electronically.

wood planting acantho

The wood has an information sign with the Acantho Ideas & Cultures logo, allowing citizens and meeting delegates know thanks to which companies this new wood has been planted.