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The Well-Kept Secret to Buying Cheap Translation Services #LikeABoss

Cheapest Translation Services

Want to discover the well-kept secret to buying cheap translation services #LikeABoss? Read on!

Endless companies seemingly all offer the same…

Just ask Google or Alexa, “What is the cheapest translation service?” And you’ll see (or hear) the results for yourself:

From €0.03 per word. Cheap translation services.  Quality guaranteed. The quickest in the world. 500,000 certified native translators worldwide. Translations in less than 3 hours.


So, how do you choose which translation agency to work with? And what is the secret formula that big businesses use when buying translations?

Spoiler: they DON’T just choose the cheapest!

Perhaps you find this difficult to believe, but we can 100% prove this.

Massive organizations, government bodies, companies, and so on, have a ton of experience in buying translation services and know what they’re doing (i.e. they have been around enough to learn that customers and users today demand crystal-clear communications to maintain their attention and that serious problems arise from buying cheap and nasty translations (and then having to mop up the fall out that damages reputations and sales).

The pros choose their translation service provider looking at different factors, the main ones being:

  • best pricing,
  • technical capacity,
  • qualifications and experience of translators,
  • quality coordination.

In fact, one of the biggest translation contracts in recent history, one from The European Union, TRAD19 had the following calculation: 70% of weighting for quality and 30% of weighting for price. So, if you are choosing the cheapest translation agency, you are perhaps doing something wrong. Use your smarts when deciding which translation agency to work with and decide #LikeABoss. 

Here at Acantho, we don’t cut corners and we offer amazing quality at really affordable prices. And our service is outstanding. So, if you or your company needs translation services, and only wants the best, why not give us a call, or drop us an email, we’d be honored to hear from you.

P.S. Here’s something else that may surprise you: many big organizations and companies actually disqualify bids (quotes) from companies who offer prices 25% lower than the average because translation agencies that dump prices are generally seen as an accident waiting to happen!

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