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International Translation Day

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The 30th September is the date chosen for International Translation Day, the day which commemorates the death of the patron saint of translators, Saint Jerome, the translator of the Bible.

This celebration has been taking place since 1953 and was launched by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) and in 2013 it is commemorating its 60th objective of this idea was to show the solidarity of the community of translators in the whole world, promoting the profession of the translator in different countries, a profession which is fundamental for communication between cultures. Hiring a translation service like, can help you understand better what others are saying.

What initiatives take place on this day?

During this day, discussions and debates take place in which translators can pool their personal experiences and share some techniques and Methods that are used to carry out their work.

The European Council of Associations of Literary Translators organizes an international competition “Spot the translator.” It consists of sending in videos of a maximum duration of three minutes to help to promote the visibility of the literary translator and to assert the importance of their figure for universal culture. This year there have been two prize-winning videos: “The world ́s oldest profession” and “Translators are a waste of space”.

Types of Translation

Among the different translation services we have, we will list a few such as:

-Technical or specialized translation

-Sworn translation

– Software and website localization

-Correction and editing of style

-Transcription and subtitling.

Happy Translation Day!

“Translating is the most profound form of reading.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.