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Get Ahead of the ‘Crowd Translators’ and Become a True Pro in Our Translation Talent Incubator

translation talent incubator

Looking to become a professional translator?

Here’s a question: what’s the difference between an amateur, ad hoc translator working for an online translation ‘digital sweatshop’ that pays peanuts and just outsources work to the lowest bidder, and a pro translator creating quality translations for great clients who pay well and appreciate their work?

Five things:

  1. Dedication
  2. Qualifications*
  3. Experience 
  4. Passion and a great attitude
  5. Starting out on the right foot

* There are some very naturally gifted linguists who don’t have official qualifications, but the rest are indisputably essential.

Translation graduates, however, have two options: seek employment as an in-house translator (which, in most companies comprises 90% project management and very little translation) or go solo as a newbie freelancer. Either way, experience is a must.

Investing in new talent is one of our core company values. Here at Acantho, each member of our in-house team of translators (and our closed circle of trusted freelance translators and interpreters) has started out at one time or another… with very differing experiences. We firmly believe that having a guiding hand (or team, in our case) is nothing short of marvellous. Especially when our Acantho Apprentices get to learn about all the different parts of working in a translation company.

Moreover, it’s a little-known fact that #TeamAcantho includes two university lecturers, one school headmistress and one ESL teacher with a lot of international experience. So we like teaching. A lot.

What’s more, because our translation company is quite unique in its structure, as a boutique translation company, and we like to think of ourselves as being creative, our Talent Incubator is a little bit different to other work placements for translation graduates.

In this video (in Spanish) you’ll find out why and exactly what it is like working in our boutique translation company in Zaragoza.

P.S. If you’re a recent graduate in translation applying for jobs online for amateur positions, you are doing yourself a disservice. Go pro or go home.

P.P.S Please do drop us a line if you are interested in becoming an Acantho Apprentice.

The competition for spots is fierce, but we’d love to hear from you.