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Wish List For Christmas And The New Year

We truly wish we will be able to make Christmas a time of peace, togetherness and friendship.

I hope that when Christmas is over we are still able to feel at peace with others and with ourselves.

I hope solidarity will not be as necessary in the New Year, but also that it will be plentiful and in excess.

I hope today’s friends will always be there, and that they will be better friends and there will be more of them. I hope that nobody will be in short of a friend.

I hope we can grow, grow well and grow strong, and learn that growing makes us better not just bigger, and that we can help others to grow.

I hope that our daily chores are important for the people around us, and that we can make their lives more comfortable, happier and better.

I hope you all dare to dream, in all colours, in all languages…

And I hope you feel you can count on us to translate your dreams.