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Acantho offers language classes to individuals, small groups and companies delivered by qualified native teachers with years of experience teaching languages at all levels.

The main objective of our classes is to make students increase their capacity for understanding and oral and written expression as naturally as possible.


Acantho is concerned for the training of its current and future collaborators, as their success contributes to the success of our company: offering our clients top quality and becoming a benchmark company in the market.

We deliver courses on IT tools applied to translation and localisation, translation and interpreting techniques courses, courses in on-line terminology resources and website and software localisation courses.

OUR LANGUAGES • German • Arabic • Armenian • Belarusian • Czech • Catalan • Chinese • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Croatian • Danish • Slovakian • Slovenian • Spanish • Esperanto • Estonian • Romanian • Serbian • Basque • Finnish • Flemish • French • Galician • Greek • Hebrew • Swedish • Turkish • Ukrainian • Hindi • Hungarian • English • Italian • Japanese • Lithuanian • Dutch • Valencian

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