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Courses for translators and interpreters

Acantho is deeply committed to training of its current and future collaborators, as their success contributes to the success of our company: offering our clients top quality and becoming a benchmark company in the market.

We deliver courses on IT tools applied to translation and localisation, translation and interpreting techniques courses, courses in on-line terminology resources and website and software localisation courses.

We also offer recent graduates and students in their final degree year the possibility of completing an internship under the direct supervision of a mentor, regardless of their field of specialisation, and provided they have excellent proficiency of at least one second language and excellent oral and written skills in their mother tongue. The mentor will assess and provide a commentary on their work and the student/graduate will gain sufficient experience to become a successful, independent professional with the possibility of being listed on our database of external colleagues and even being employed as part of our in-house team.


 CAT Tools Courses (SDL Trados 2007 and SDL Trados Studio) and Localisation Tools Courses (SDL Passolo, Alchemy Catalyst, Webbudget)
• Courses in Translation and Interpreting Techniques
• Courses in Online Terminology Resources
• Website Localisation Courses
 Software Localisation Courses


Continuing education multiplies the possibilities of getting better paid jobs.

The translator’s profession is closely linked to the world of IT and the internet.

It is necessary to continually train up in these fields, as technology advances at a dizzying speed in today’s world and we have to be able to meet the market’s demands.

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