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About our professional translation company

Acantho is a full-service linguistic solutions company, offering not only services in translation and linguistic advice, but also in the areas of software and website localisation, simultaneous and liaison interpreting, and language training, to numerous businesses, public organisations and individual clients, nationally and internationally.

Formed by professional experts (specialised translators, sworn translators, interpreters, native language teachers, layout specialists and computer engineers, among others) with a long career in their respective fields, Acantho ensures utmost attention to detail and provides clients with products and services of the highest quality.

We show total commitment to quality and technology, as well as to compliance with objectives and deadlines:

• We follow criteria based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

• Each line of business applies its own quality control standards for services.

• We manage our business through a specific ERP, developed by our engineers and thus adapted to our activity, allowing us to have a complete control over our business and to offer our clients a fully guaranteed service.

•We provide our translators, interpreters, and rest of professionals with access to cutting edge applications in order to improve their output.

• We have an excellent Global Suppliers Network which allows us to be the most competitive on the market.

Our translations, at optimal cost and in safe hands.

We can be and would like to become your strategic ally in your business’s globalisation process.

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