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Interpretation Services

At Acantho we are experts in providing all kinds of interpretation services and techniques: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation , chuchotage, liaison interpretation and remote interpretation (or telephone interpretation).

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter usually works seated in a soundproofed booth and listens to the speakers’ interventions in a specific language using headphones. She interprets these interventions into a different language in real time for the public or the rest of the participants, who listen to her on wireless receivers.

Depending on the length of the event, two interpreters are needed per booth and language, who alternate approximately every half hour in order to avoid tiredness and stress accumulating, which reduces consistency and performance. While one of the interpreters is translating, the other one acts as “co-pilot”, looking up terminology and helping their colleague at all times, thus guaranteeing a quality service.

This technique is the most prescribed for conventions, conferences, meetings, seminars, and telephone and video conferences, where fluent and immediate communication is required, as the interpretation reaches the participant instantly.

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter is usually located beside the speakers, takes notes (using a special technique) on the content of the intervention for several minutes (in a maximum of 15 min. sections) and, subsequently, reproduces the speech on the other language with complete accuracy.

This technique is ideal for meetings with a maximum of 2 or 3 languages and a reduced number of participants such as interviews, technical visits, diplomatic negotiations, business meetings or press conferences. It is also usually employed for protocol events, such as an official dinner or a welcome speech.

Whispered interpretation or chuchotage is simultaneous interpretation which is whispered into the ear of one of two people. As a rule, no technical equipment is required.

And lastly, liaison interpretation consists in relaying between different groups what is said in a conversation between two or more people (sentence by sentence).


Interpretation teams for any type of event and all languages wherever they are needed.

• Cutting-edge technical equipment (portable booths, wireless receivers, microphones, audiovisual equipment, etc.) and specialised sound technicians.

Translation of all related documentation prior to and following the event.

• From the Tourism Services Department: guided tours in various languages and all types of leisure activities for those attending the event.


Zaragoza is open and welcoming, traditional but modern, lively and rapidly expanding, a venue for international events with promising future prospects.

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