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Bilingual hostesses

Your company’s presence at certain national and international events very often represents a unique opportunity for projecting your corporate image, securing new clients and achieving the desired objectives.

For this reason, Acantho provides you with a service for availing of hostesses who are bilingual or have in-depth language training. Our hostesses use their knowledge and experience so that the events they participate in run according to plan. They attend to the authorities, speakers, guests and conference delegates. They know the running of the programme and can provide information on this at any time.

At Acantho, we personally take charge of supervising the image of our hostesses at each event. A smart appearance, poise and willingness to actively collaborate with clients in everything they need are the distinctive signs of our staff.

We always choose hostesses for each event based on the objectives of the activity and the duties they are to undertake. Nevertheless, they all have something in common: they have passed a prior selection process to form part of the Acantho team and are bilingual or have completed thorough training in one or more languages; but above all, we are interested in their personal qualities, their image, education, problem-solving attitude and cordiality, which are a guarantee for success and the best business card.

Their knowledge and professionalism are of great assistance for official acts, trade fairs, congresses, conferences, award ceremonies, cultural events, sporting events, etc.


Trade Fair Hosts: attending to the public, product promotion, manning the stand, securing potential clients, etc.

Conference Hosts: attendance register, handing out of documentation or corporate details, attending to the speakers, manning the hall, handing out, collecting and checking the receivers for simultaneous interpreting, etc.

Protocol Hosts: serve as a liaison between authorities and protocol officers

Information Hosts: know the features of the organisation, company or product in order to properly attend to and provide information for clients and visitors.

Transfer Hosts: Organise groups of people, pick them up from the airport, take them to the hotel and event or congress venue.


We have hosts/hostesses for the following languages:

• German
• Arabic
• Catalan
• Chinese
• Spanish
• Basque
• French
• Galician
• English
• Italian
• Japanese
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Romanian
• Russian
• Ukrainian
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