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Our translation services

Acantho’s work principles are quality, competitive prices and minimum delivery deadlines. That is why we take great care with the process of selecting our team of project managers, IT engineers, localisation engineers, terminologists, translators, proofreaders and layout technicians, whom we fully trust due to their academic training, experience, values and talent.

We all work together in harmony towards the same goal: our clients’ satisfaction. Therefore, we have established internal quality guidelines which help us to perfect our work and enhance our procedures and, hence, achieve an optimal result in the shortest time period possible.

All of our translations are done by professional native translators in the target language who are specialised in the field or topic of the translation and undergo the quality controls required for guaranteeing maximum quality.

When it comes to large-scale projects, for instance projects which require the participation of several translators due to the urgency of the project, it is fundamental to have the revision carried out by a separate professional and is a way of ensuring consistency, as one of the proofreader’s duties consists in homogenising the various parts of the translation as much as possible.

In addition, our team of specialist terminologists take charge of preparing specific glossaries for your company or organisation and maintaining the translation memories created by translators using sophisticated CAT tools (SDL Trados, Wordfast, etc.) and localisation tools (SDL Passolo, Alchemy Catalyst, Webbudget, etc.) so that all of your translations remain terminologically consistent, which is crucial to providing a pristine image and flawless quality, while also cutting costs.


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