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Alignment of previous translations

The computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) we use work by storing pairs of segments or sentences (original and translation) in a database (translation memory) as one translates which the system later “draws on” if it finds identical or similar sentences. Usually, generous discounts are applied to the repeated sentences and partial matches found.

These tools have a specific alignment application which serves to generate translation memories from translations performed not using this technology. This consists in relating segments or sentences extracted from the original document to their corresponding translations extracted from the translated document.

At Acantho, we can “align” all of the client’s documents translated by others without the help of a CAT tool in order to create a specific translation memory which belongs to the client. In this way, any document which needs to be translated afterwards, will be analysed using this memory in search of repetitions and matches. The client can save a lot of time and money and would also be assured that the translators use the terminology found in the memory.


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