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Certified Translation - Sworn Translation

Sworn Translation

A certified translation (also called official or sworn translation) is an official translation of a document by translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the appropriate body. 

These translators have passed an exam set by that body or have accredited qualifications from another country.  Translation and Interpreting graduates are also able to obtain accreditation through certified translation courses.

A sworn translator accepts responsibility for the translation’s content by signing and sealing the translated document.

At Acantho, we have certified translators in all languages who have years of experience in their field. We use stamped paper and we deliver the translation in the shortest possible time period, as we are aware of the importance of time in administrative and official procedures.

sworn translator zaragoza

We work with clients worldwide. If you need a sworn translation and are not based in Zaragoza or the surrounding area, we can send your sworn translation anywhere in the world.