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Copywriting and style correction

Copywriting and Style Correction


By drafting of texts we mean the professional drafting of any type of text and in any language based on the message the client wishes to convey, the means by which it is intended to be disseminated and the target audience it is directed at.

At Acantho, we have native professionals in different languages who are dedicated to the drafting of website contents (which is of fundamental importance as a website’s positioning in Google depends to a large extent on these) and to drafting media, scientific, advertising and correspondence texts.

Text editing consists in adapting an existing text to a market or specific purpose. Our editors will look for problems of accuracy, style, punctuation, possible cultural, grammatical, legibility and uniformity problems, among others. They will also compare it closely to the original text if they are dealing with a translation.

The style corrector is an editing professional whose work lies in controlling the quality of text editing. This professional can intervene immediately after a text has been drafted, after a translation has been revised or following a technical or content revision.

The style corrector intervenes in the communication process to evaluate if the speaker or text author has managed to express and draft her ideas with the clarity needed for the chosen recipient to be able to understand them easily or, if this is not the case, to fix the problems. It is necessary to master grammar rules and a sense for language which is not gained from academic training alone. The work of a style corrector must cover drafting and editing skills.

Martínez de Sousa defines orthotypography as “the set of rules on aesthetics and typographical writing which are applied to the presentation of graphical elements, such as bibliographies, charts, poems, contents tables, footnotes, quotes, bibliographical quotes, plays, application of the various styles of lettering (round, italics, small caps, as well as the combinations of these), etc.”. Orthotypographical correction is performed from an orthographical and typographical point of view.



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