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Our global network

Acantho has a global network of professional translators, interpreters, revisers, layout technicians, IT engineers and project managers.

Our team is a mainstay of our business as their work represents our image to clients.

For this reason, the selection processes used on our collaborators are extremely demanding: we examine their CVs and analyse their competences, we contrast their experience with references and contacts and they must undergo demanding tests.

In addition, all our collaborators are honours degree graduates, with many of them holding degrees in Engineering, Law, Business Studies, Medicine, Journalism, Philology, etc. and postgraduate qualifications in translation, terminology and/or localisation. Therefore, they are specialist translators with many years’ experience in the specific topics on which they are required to work.

Furthermore, our translators, revisers and terminologists guarantee quality language services through the essential cultural characteristics they contribute by being natives in the target language of the projects they undertake.

At Acantho, we use our own bespoke management tool which facilitates the task of selecting professionals. We evaluate all of the collaborators on each project they work on and our tool issues daily reports on these evaluations which help us to quickly select the most skilled and competitive professional for each project, and thus be able to place this person at the service of our clients.


Acantho collaborates with native professionals from all over the world:

• Spain
• United Kingdom
• France
• Italy
• Belarus
• Russia
• United States
• Mexico
• Peru
• Romania
• Bulgaria
• Sweden
• Brazil
• Portugal
• China
• India
• Morocco
• And many more.

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