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The WEBSITE OF ACANTHO I&C S.L. (hereinafter, “THE WEBSITE“) is the property of and is administered by ACANTHO I&C, S.L., assigned VAT Regd. No. B-99168171 with registered address at C/ Cinco de Marzo 6, 1ª pl., Of. 4, 50004 – Zaragoza (Spain) (hereinafter, “ACANTHO”)., in order to protect individual rights, particularly those concerning automated processing, and to ensure transparency for Users, has established a policy that defines the aforementioned processing, the purposes pursued for such, the legitimacy thereof and also the instruments available to Users so that they can exercise their rights.

Browsing this website entails unreserved acceptance of the following provisions and conditions of use. The use of cookies must be accepted. If you disagree, please e-mail us at

The updated version of this privacy policy is the only applicable document when using the website, until another subsequent version replacing it is published.

Users who provide personal details via this website are hereby informed that they will be included in the files of, which are duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

For further information about personal data protection, we invite you to consult the Spanish Data Protection Agency website (AEPD)

Data compilation

Your data are compiled by the TITLE HOLDER.

Personal data refers to any information referring to a physical person, either identified or identifiable (affected person). Identifiable is understood as a person who could be directly or indirectly identified, particularly with reference to a name, identification number (ID Card, Passport, Foreigner’s ID Card) or several specific items inherent to his/her physical identity, physiology, genetics, psyche, or economical, cultural or social features.

Why do we process your personal details?

The purpose of processing personal details is mainly for use by the TITLE HOLDER to manage relations with you, to offer you our products and services in accordance with your interests, to improve the user experience, and where applicable, to process your requests, applications or orders. A commercial profile will be prepared on the basis of the information you provide us with. No automated decision are based on the aforementioned profile.

The data supplied will be stored for the duration of commercial relations, providing that the interested party does not request deletion, or for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.

They will be stored in the client file of the TITLE HOLDER and in the file prepared with personal details registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) or competent governing body in the Autonomous Community. The file number is as follows: 2141340649.

How are we legitimate for processing your details?

The legal basis for processing your personal details is as follows:

  • Correct execution of or compliance with the contract.
  • Legitimate interest by the TITLE HOLDER.
  • Consent by users or clients for processing their details.

Who will your personal details be transferred to?

The personal details of Users may eventually be referred to third parties related to the TITLE HOLDER by contract in order to carry out the tasks necessary to manage the client’s account without authorisation being required.

They will also be referred to the authorities in the event of the User acting against the law or breaching the contents of this legal warning.

Users’ details may be referred to other group companies, if any, for internal administration purposes requiring the processing of these details.

Users’ personal details may be referred to other group companies, if any, for internal administration purposes requiring the processing of these details.

Users’ personal details may be transferred to a third party country or an international organisation, but users must be informed when this is to take  place, stating the conditions and the party they are transferred to.

When certain details are mandatory for access to specific functions of the website, the TITLE HOLDER must state such at the moment the Users’ details are being collected.

Users’ rights

Users’ are hereby informed that they may exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. You also have the right to limit processing of your personal details, the right to have them deleted from transfers of personal data referred to the party responsible for processing, and the right to have your details transferred.

Users may also file claims before the Spanish Data Protection Agency or competent body in the respective Autonomous Communities, if they have not received a satisfactory response when exercising their rights. This can be done by writing to the Agency.

Unless users state otherwise, by writing to, their details may be used for sending out commercial information about Acantho I&C, as and when relevant.

The data supplied will be stored for the duration of commercial relations, or for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.

Users are responsible for the information they provide through this website being true, and shall be liable for the truthfulness of all the data they provide, undertaking to keep their details updated so that they reflect their actual circumstances, and shall be liable for any false or inaccurate information they provide causing damages, inconvenience and problems for Acantho I&C or third parties.

Without prejudice to the above, said information will be stored and managed confidentially, applying the necessary IT security measures to prevent unauthorised or undue access use of personal details, manipulation, deterioration or loss.

In order to access and exercise these rights, a signed, written application must be sent to the registered address at Calle Cinco de Marzo, 6, 1ºD, 50004, Zaragoza, attaching a copy of your National ID Card or equivalent identity document. The following e-mail address may also be used for this purpose:

For your information, our Data Protection Manager is Carlos Marco Laguardia.

These rights will be dealt with within the deadline of 1 month, which may be extended to 2 months if the complexity of your application, or number of applications requires such. The foregoing is without prejudice to conserving certain data for legal purposes, until any responsibilities or liabilities stemming from possible processing expire, or, where applicable, contractual relations are terminated.

In addition to the above, and in view of the data protection regulations, Users who request such have the possibility of arranging the destination of their details after they decease.