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Tourism Translation

Tourism translation

Tourism translationTourism translation, which also includes certain nuances of advertising translation, is a highly specific type of translation. Different documents require a translator with expertise in one type of vocabulary or another.

For example, the translation of a restaurant menu into Russian requires more than a generic translator, since the culinary world has changed so much that simple familiarity with the vocabulary isn’t enough: the translator needs to be skilled in describing the dishes in such a way that the menu sounds natural in the target language.

Characteristics of tourism translation

Culture is crucial when it comes to tourism translation; promoting a product in Spain is quite different from promoting it in Germany, for example. Translators who specialise in this field are therefore well-versed in the differences between tourism in the country of the original text and the country where the translation will be used and skilled in adapting the text to the distinctive needs of that country.

On the other hand, one of the other peculiarities of tourism translation is the important role images play. Images are paramount when it comes to presenting a product in any type of promotional text. This is why we recommend that when dealing with tourism translation, the translator has access not only to the text but to the original brochure or images as well – this ensures that the translator can most precisely express these images in the target language.

Slogans are another challenge for translators who work with this type of translation. Cultural differences often mean that a slogan that works in one country doesn’t work in another, which makes a more literal translation impossible. The challenge for the translator in these cases is coming up with a version that elicits the same reaction in the audience by adapting the slogan to one that aligns more with the target culture.

Finally, this goal of eliciting a response from the reader (like influencing the reader to choose a hotel for a holiday or switch destinations based on the suggestions in a pamphlet) goes beyond merely communicating information about a product and means that tourism translation is related to advertising or marketing translation. Tourism translators are well-versed in this aspect of their work, which is why they tweak expressions and wording to fit the target language to elicit the same response as the original text.

In short, the relevance of culture and images, as well as the translation of slogans, represent the main particularities of tourism translation. Given the degree of expertise involved, this type of translation should be handled by linguists who are experts in the tourism sector, like the tourism translators at translation agency Acantho.


Why opt for a tourism translation?

Tourism TranslationSpain is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Whether it’s because of the cultural diversity, the excellent weather or the cuisine, the fact is that every year Spain attracts throngs of tourists. 

It wasn’t so long ago that companies hardly ever considered seeking out tourism translation services, choosing rather to translate their tourism content on their own.

Today, businesses in tourist destinations are well aware of how important the quality of their tourist information is and translations are done by professionals. Why? The main reasons include:

  • Tourist documents are the first impression that influences the tourist’s decision between one establishment or another.
  • And clear information is critical when it comes to preventing misunderstandings.
  • Customers that know they’ll be understood in their own language are more likely to trust an establishment and come back.

When is it important to translate tourist information?

When trying to figure out whether it is important to translate certain information or not, you can base your decision on the following:

  • Will this information help tourists decide whether to choose your business?
  • Is this information that you would always provide in your native language and that you could not do without?
  • Does the information improve the tourist’s impression of your establishment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your best bet is to opt for a tourism translation.

The most frequently translated documents in tourist translations

The most frequently translated documents in tourist translations are include a range of documents and content that tourists might find relevant. Menus, travel brochures, guided tours, hotel information and services, transport information, maps… In short, a world of possibilities!

Some of the most typical examples of tourism translations include:


Tourists make up a large percentage of customers in the restaurant industry, so menus should always be available in at least two different languages.

Booking websites

Every hotel website should be available in multiple languages and the more information it has, the better. If your guests can find answers to all their questions on your website in their language, it significantly boosts the chance that they’ll choose your services over other websites that are only in Spanish.

In short, tourism translation is known as one of the most precise fields that requires genuine professional translators, like the ones on the Acantho team.

Tourist brochures and guided tours

If a tourist attraction is unable to give a guided tour in the tourist’s language, providing that same content in writing is always an option. A brochure gives tourists the opportunity to take the tour and learn all about the attraction.

Ultimately, if you own a hotel, tourist spot or work in a museum, make sure you have all the relevant information translated.

So now you know: if you need to translate a menu or any other tourist-related information, leave it in the hands of professionals. Acantho’s translators will be happy to help you!

Why should you choose Acantho to translate your documents?

  • We’re pros: Because we’re a professional translation companyand our translators are specialised in tourist translations in many languages.
  • Experience: We have experience in the tourism sector. We have worked with tourism companies, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and more.
  • Quality: We are committed to guaranteeing the highest standards of quality in document translation, management and proofreading for all our clients.

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