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Boutique translation company offering services tailored by and for discerning professionals; we align each project to perfectly suit your needs.

Professional translation

We'll remove your language barriers
Professional translations by native specialists in more than 50 languages at very competitive prices and in record time. Our team of specialist translators and interpreters uses the latest technology and standardized procedures to ensure excellent quality.
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Business Internationalisation

We work with all file formats.
To expand into new markets, the localization (adaptation) of software and websites to different languages, cultures and/or markets is essential. Let us help you in the internationalization or international expansion of your company.
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Interpreting for Events

Leave it all to us.
Simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and liaison interpreting for events, trade fairs and meetings. We have an excellent team of carefully selected professional interpreters with state-of-the-art equipment
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Language Training

Polish up  your language skills and get a competitive edge.
Language courses for companies, small groups and individuals. All taught by qualified native teachers. We have teachers for the language and level you're looking for in Zaragoza.
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Why choose Acantho?

  • Because we are the number 1 translation company in Zaragoza since we have the largest team of in-house project managers, translators and layout designers. This means we provide much more value than a simple agency (intermediary).
  • Because we are a boutique translation company. We're not just another translation agency. We do all the projects that we can internally. This means we can offer you very competitive prices AND be completely sure that quality is flawless.
  • Because we put every single ounce of our expertise, experience and effort into every single project. Every single day.
  • Because we work the right way! We use cutting-edge computer assisted translation tools (not to be confused with corner-cutting machine translation) to lower costs and increase quality.
  • Because our project managers (the people who will help you) are all pro translators. And you'll notice the difference straightaway in our crystal-clear communication and just how easy we make everything.
  • Because we take pride in our work. Our translation company follows strict quality controls in line with the standard ISO 9001:2015 on translation quality.
  • Because all of this means working with us is stress-free, packed with value-adding perks and you'll NEVER have to worry about overseeing the quality of our work.

Our experience

Our translation company Acantho Ideas & Cultures has a strong presence in many different sectors. We take the time to learn about the unique circumstances and needs of each and every one of our customers.

This is why in Acantho we take very special care of our customers, attending to their specific needs, aims and values. We provide them with the very best professionals in the sector (native professional translators, sworn translators, simultaneous interpreters, language teachers), with unparalleled turnaround times and always specializing in the area of knowledge required.

Automotive companies, consumer electronics companies, aeronautical companies, machinery manufacturers, component manufacturers, food companies, construction firms.

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Public health institutions, Chambers of Commerce, Consulates and Embassies, Spanish Regional and Provincial Governments, etc.

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Hotels and restaurants, legal and financial firms, IT companies, design studios, marketing and communications companies, tourism companies, transport companies, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Boutique means you get the service, price and quality you deserve.

It’s the difference between walking into a shop where the staff will welcome you and greet you by you name and walking into a big store where you are just another customer. And if you have any special requirements…well that’s another story.

And we are no more expensive. In fact, because we are a family company, there are no shareholders to please and we’re not a start-up looking to make quick money through artificial intelligence which is still decades away from being useful.

We properly analyse each project (something robots can’t do) and work out the fastest and cheapest way to provide you with a great translation. For example, we check for:

  • duplicated sentences (either in full or in part) which enable us to pass on discounts to you,
  • any missing information that will cause you problems down the road,

And we don’t just outsource the translation to the lowest bidder.

We have an in-house team translating in the main European languages and we outsource some projects to our Inner Circle of trusted translators and interpreters.

In most sectors today, just as in translation, it’s easy to buy “cheap and poor quality” and it’s easy to buy “expensive and high quality”. But its more difficult to buying what we offer: “excellent quality at very reasonable prices.”

We charge per word, not per page or per line because the quantity of work can vary a lot depending on the format. This is the cheapest option for you.

The fees vary depending on the language combination. The common European language combinations of Spanish, French and English tend to be cheaper than Eastern languages, for example.

We offer discounts for sentences or partial sentences that are repeated in your text.

There is a minimum word count of 300 words. The price of 1000 words, plus IVA is somewhere around €100.

A translation of 1500 words will take around 2 working days. If it is a sales document or for publishing, we recommend proofreading, which will take around one day more.

We work with all the most frequently used languages and with many more as well. In fact, we work with over 50 languages!
The most highly demanded European languages include Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese (and we also work with the Spanish regional languages of Catalan, Valencian, Galician and Basque). Other popular languages we work with include the Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish), Eastern languages (Russian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, etc.) as well as many less frequently requested languages (Slovenian, Greek, Serbo-Croatian, Dutch, Hungarian, Turkish, Hebrew, Hindi and Urdu). We also work with the internationally important languages of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

If you require a translation in a language not included in this list, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Generally speaking, we have three kinds of customers:

  1. Members of the public who need a translation and need good service and people they can trust. Often we see these customers again, or when they recommend us to their friends or family.
  2. Companies that need translations around every business quarter. If this sounds like you, you get the benefit that we store all your previously translated documents in a personalized translation file meaning that even though time passes between each project, you get peace of mind knowing that your translations will always be consistent and you will be eligible for discounts on repeated sentences or partial sentences. What’s more, you only need to pay upfront for your first order; after that subsequent orders will be billed after you receive your work.
  3. Companies that need ongoing translations. If this sounds like you, you get the benefit of a personal project manager, as well as all the benefits listed above. What’s more, you’ll normally have a specially allocated translation team that always works on your content. And you will be eligible for really great discounts for volume of work accumulated.

We are members of:

We work with clients worldwide. If you need a sworn translation and are not based in Zaragoza or the surrounding area, we can send these anywhere in the world.

Or, if you're local to Zaragoza

please feel free to pop into our offices.– Open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a 19:00 and on Friday from 09:00 to 15:00

All quotes are completely free of charge and are on a no-obligations basis.

 We look forward to hearing from you. 

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